Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Why was she doing that to Bort?

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She needs an heir!

This thread is gonna get nuked isn't it?

because of the hyuga milkers?

I will never forgive Boruto's character designer for ruining my wife

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But Orochimaru you gave her up!

>Konohamaru's wife molesting her nephew
Konohamaru approves

She's happy now though

Kishimoto gave her that design

>big tits underneath fishnet tank top on thick body
What a waste indeed

Cutest couple. Best couple.

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>pic unrelated

>pic related

>big tits underneath fishnet tank top on thick body
She's still that, just without the fishnet.


Cutest couple. Best couple. Canon couple.

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Boob suffocation is one of life's greatest pleasures and she wanted him to experience it with a fine pair of titties

>Sage mode Hinata
Finally...she became stronger than Part 1 Lee.

Gentle fist with sage mode would be truly busted
>inject sage chakra into enemy's chakra network
>they turn to stone

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>This OP
Yeah, this thread won't reach 500 posts, but imagine the smell.

>The bear returned to his cave
Kino. Kawaki stands with Ukraine.