Chainsaw Man

Behold, Any Forums in manga form!

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>last thread didn't even hit bump limit
It's fucking over, Denji completely killed the hype

No Nayuta, no Hype

fujo lost.


Don't worry, Asa will save the hype next week.

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Good, hope the breaks, Asa and SoL focused chapters will filter the rest of the morons.

fujimoto is /ourguy/?


Are the anime trailers trying to fool animeonly viewers cause the tone is way more different than the manga

>the manga losing popularity is good because I can finally feel special for reading it heh

It's the same shit

Next chapter being a Asa/Yuko hospital chapter instead of a Denji chapter where we finally see Nayuta wouldn't murder the hype, it would piss on its grave.

Good, you hype addicted teens need to get the rope already

>Good I love shit chapters about boring characters no one cares about.
You sound extremely retarded.

We literally got denji last chapter and it did noting to bring the hype back

Nobody cares about Cuckji

Cry more spic, the world doesnt revolve around you

Asa SoL chapters are good you just have bad taste

Hate it when authors spite their detractors through their work, it comes across as petty

>Asa SoL chapters
i sleep
>Yoru SoL chapters
real shit

We care about Nayuta, and we need Denji pov to see her.
Though I'll still pick Denji over Yuko and Shitsa if I had to pick.

Speak for yourself retard, i do not care about this loli notMakima

They are both boring

cringe denjicel take

Denjis chapter was also lame honestly

For myself and nearly all the nips in twitter that besides fujoposting asking for Nayuta to appear next chapter while no one wants to see Asa, the ones who actually give money to the manga and make it continue.

They're not remotely similar at all