Mahoutsukai no Yome

Season 2 announced for Spring 2023

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Oh, that's nice.

What studio? Im pretty sure WIT quit this.

I remember liking the first couple episodes, but it somehow lost its initial charm along the way. Had the same issue with the manga.
Not sure if I'll give a second season a try.

Just why? Barely anyone remember it and the manga sales have been plummeting in the latest volumes.

Last-ditch effort to boost sales, maybe?

One of the most boring anime that I have ever seen. Not watching this.

Studio Kafka. The only anime that they made was the Mahoutsukai OVAs.

Why did Wit stop working on this

pretty much this

Because it's basically a dead IP.

Whatever happened to this show? When S1 came out it was among the most popular shojo. After it ended the anime studio pretended it never existed, and only released like some OVAs. It's been like 4 years since S1.

Anime are just a way to advertise the source material

Because the production line which made it at Wit left and formed Studio Kafka which handled the latest OVA and will be handing this new season.

Oh that's nice to hear at least, so the quality most likely will stay the same?

I loved this show; definitely watching it.

There are some changes to the key staff but it should look similar/same as the first season. From what I've seen of the latest OVA it looks pretty much the same. The question is will Kafka, as a new and small studio, be able to produce a full TV season without much pain.

Shieeeet I need to rewatch S1 and read the manga.

I almost forgot this series existed. Truly one of the best underrated anime I have ever watched.

shut the fuck up shounentard

I feel very strange about this anime. I was friends with someone who really liked the first season and we were watching it together as it was airing. It gives me a feeling of shame reminding me of how our friendship turned out, but also a nice feeling at the same time, thinking of the first few episodes.
>college arc

Do you know that this is a shonen, isn't it?

I'm a isekai and ecchi chad. Only shonen that I read is Mato Seihei and Ayakashi, the rest are trash (including this one)