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Today is best girl Rui's birthday! Wish her happy birthday Any Forums

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Is it time to post official lewds?

Maybe if the thread survives.

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they all look the same

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do it
put it in if needed

It's official art. We don't need to. We can dump all the official Sasuga Kei nipples from the manga, or wherever else they're kept.

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Only been a few hours and the retweets have already beaten Hina and Natsuo. This year Sasuga made brand new illustrations for all 3 of them.

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Your meds, bastek

So they didn't want to go back to Okinawa, eh?

more like worst girl

Too much memory of Tanabe watching Natsuo and Hina fucking

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Seething hinakeks

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Rui still a shit

Compared to who? Hina or Miyabi?

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How badly did the manga fuck up the shippers that I see threads of this shit 2 years after its ending? This doesn't even happen for any Seo manga. Did any Ruifag commit suicide?

>official art is the lewdest art
How can one artist be so based

Sasuga gave enough fuel for the Kajita x Rui ship anyway. Also in Seo manga there's always only one main girl with the exception of Goddess Cafe.

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Domekano is a compilation of worst girls, just like Rent a Girlfriend

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Rui has always been the most popular. This isn’t something new.