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So, what’s your expectations for Dream Collaboration?

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No puri...! Lala has found another new girlfriend puri...!

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You would get angry too if you waste 4 hours trying something for nothing

Ps if you remember my NTR review from last year, I will do it again in 9 or 10 days from now, around same hour.


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Ignore and report.

>tokiwa sougo

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Say ahhh~

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Why did you reply to my hilarious Mirei RP post puri?

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Imagine if the big arcade announcement is an Aikatsu crossover

Is there even anyone who still plays arcade?

A bunch of otaku goods like acrylics and support towels
Maybe an actor signing with the front 4 characters
Possibly a CD release featuring a bunch of covers and like 1 or 2 new songs

My expectations are super low

I love Emo so fucking much
She just brightens my day

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Non erotic

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>file too big
>pixiv version is 30mb
Every time.

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>>pixiv version is 30mb
what the


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BIG non

I feel like a lot of fanart goes unposted because people are too lazy to make smaller filesizes to post here.