We need more ryona in anime

We need more ryona in anime

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Do you prefer normal ryona or with blood?
I prefer when the girl is bleeding and is agonizing in the ground

I agree

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I hate how anime is some tranny bullshit nowdays

There's a solid doujin of this scene.
Also, reverse ryona ftw.

We all do. So much so that it feels redundant for you to mention it at all.

ryonachads and rapechads are natural allies
I think we can get more of both

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If it doesn't get censored to hell you ganna see premium ryona next month

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I like it when they piss themselves.

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Someone has to say it, man

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Do you also pronounce coke as 'coca cola' every single time?

This is just a dumb genderfag term for “person who gets beaten is now female” isn't it?
Well, never fear, because Piccolo is technically female.

Soon this will be animated.

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