Getsuyoubi no Tawawa

月曜日のたわわ その394 『巨峰狩り』

Now those are some low-hangin' fruits.

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Kyoho grapes are a fox grape cross popular in East Asia. The fruits are blackish-purple, or almost black, with large seeds and juicy flesh with high sugar content and mild acidity.

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Those best be growing from a vine and not a tree or I'll have to go over to Japan and slap Himura's shit.

Looks like a pergola.

>he doesn't have grape trees in his country

Doesn't matter. Grapes aren't even the best summer fruit.

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I prefer melons.

Well fuck you too Twitter

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how'd you fuck up a grayscale conversion so badly?

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I blame Pixlr.

I just noticed that's a tree branch not a bush so it's a mulberry not a blackberry.

Short stacks are a blessing.

There are white ones too. There are some trees not too far from where I live that grow both white and black ones, and this year they started dropping hybrid fruit and it tasted amazing.
A shame that the trees are only ripe for something like 2 weeks.

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user, it even says so in the filename.

Prince is cute! CUTE!


Visualize the nipples.

wtf is all that crud on it? Do people really put that crap in their mouth? I'll pass.

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I don't see the appeal of double tan lines. Just looks cluttered. Single is delicious though.