ITT: Anime/Manga with Kaiju/Gods and collateral damage

ITT: Anime/Manga with Kaiju/Gods and collateral damage/mayhem/cataclysmic destruction.
They're extremely rare to find and when done they normally fail to get this awe feeling right with them.

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thats Quelzatcoatl?

No, that's a dog.

Ignore the actual character here. Just that design that gives you that Godzilla-esque feel.


Oh wait nevermind I'm fucking blind and retarded and not seeing the actual dog thought you were making an obscure reference


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Marcille's Quelzatcoatl

I can almost guarantee you that your politically-fueled prejudices frequently blind you from reality

Kaiju No.8 starts off with the characters handling the clean-up after a kaiju battle/death. The series moves away from that pretty quickly (sadly imo), but I thought it was interesting.

Nigger I wasn't actually saying he was a bigot, my first thought was towards the actual thing and then I remembered the political drama around that thing.

This artist should go full kaiju maybe with another manga.

The fuck is happening to this thread.

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Was going to post that in the thread. It's a damn shame because Kaiju Cleanup Detail was a really interesting idea and god damnit if MC doesn't have some special bullshit power he can at least help by jannying it up, dustforce style.


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Why does this work so well in manga form?
I mean it's ok when animated, but there's something about a still of a massive behemoth towering over something that just triggers something deep within people. It's like the eye of God as he's about to punish all.

SNK actually nails this, though it lessens when they reach the ocean.

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sonething about a page invites the horizon, I suppose

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No, it's like having that ominous sense of doom stare down at you forever portrayed in a still image.
Manga is one form of the still image deity/macrobeing.
Statues of Gods used to be something you feared. This is encapsulated well with the old gods of the world.

For some reason we made God merely pitiable or pious, when the reality is that pitiable state is violent and largely antagonistic to us as much as it creates us. It's something that should be feared and not mocked.

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After God
Not actually a kaiju series.

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