Who's your favorite tsunderei? for me it's Louise

Who's your favorite tsunderei? for me it's Louise.

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I NEED to make out with Louise's cute pink delicious asshole

I hope you enjoy the taste of my jizz then, because her ass is full of it.

Sorry Louise is mine, and I'm not into sharing

I wasn't asking you to share, it's already done.

The better greatest love story.

For me it's Kazusa

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...unless you meant tsundeRie, in which case I scoff at your typo.

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Yeah I fucked up.It's not like it's a real word anyway.

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Louise is sexy, but for me, it's HOT Shana.

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Naked pregnant sex with Louise.


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I still fap to her doujins on a regular basis.

For me, it's Shana.

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Everyone should.

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Underrated girl.

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Normally I take my Hot Browns with bacon and cheese sauce, but since she's not from Kentucky, I suppose whatever you can spread on her.


Would Louise love a fat 49 year old hairy bald NEET like me? Thinking of making a tulpa of her

They're calling them that now instead of egregore? Have fun trying to play with your imaginary friend.