Is Kiritsugu the most tragic anime character of all time?

Is Kiritsugu the most tragic anime character of all time?

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no. buddha and jesus both exist cannonically in lots of anime and both of their stories are the combined tragedies of all humanity

I reckon this guy had it far far far worse than kiritsugu

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>Is Subhumaru the most tragic anime character of all time?

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Subaru and the guy from that Wolf manga that gets cucked are prob there too.

GOBLIN SLAYER,Kaneki and Akira from devilman too now that I think about it.

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The fuck is wrong with her arms
Subaru run, it's a skinwalker!

No, that would be Sara from Now and Then, Here and There.

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Actually I take this back, there is one more anime movie/show with a more tragic character.
I can't believe this is a Ghibli film.

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Jesus is just self inflicted harm though.

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Pretty hard to top loosing everything and spending your entire existence in more physical and emotional pain than most think possible

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Also what baffles me about Now and Then is that it's an isekai and yet it feels nothing like a modern isekai.
Normally when rape is a theme, it's for eroge purposes.
But this one just makes you feel awful for this poor character.

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reeditor after watching one anime
>Is [ ] the most [ ] anime character of all time?
go watch mojo, tourist

Kerry is cool. He's the natural enemy of Aŋra Mainiiu.

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loli genocide

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It's a shame such a deep and well-written character had to be followed up by generic and retarded harem highshcool boy protagonist. Everyday I wish Butcher would announce that he is doing his own version of Fate/Stay Night.

He's not even the most tragic in his own series, dumb zerofag

>Is crying bloody saidboi mc no.3654 the most tragic anime character of all time?

>well written

good god I forgot how fucking edgy the last arcs of Wolfman or whatever it was called were. Fuck me like emergence was edgy but that manga topped it with how drawn out all that shit was.