What happened to the chuuni genre in manga?

What happened to the chuuni genre in manga?

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We are literally getting the most chuuni manga ever as an anime next season. Please tell me you know what it is.

The Eminence in Shadow?


I wouldn't say it counts, it's a parody of Chunni manga rather than an actual Chunni manga.

Just like One Punch or Konosuba the "parody" quickly wears off and it's just a normal show.

Wait was konosuba supposed to be a parody?

Haha yes.

>The pure, benevolent goddess is replaced by a retard who gets dragged to the real world
>The Righteous Paladin is actually just a Masochist
>The wise beyond her years Sage is replaced by Chunni that dumped all her points into useless magic

For the most part, if a work is a parody of a genre it's an example of it too.


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isekai happened

Most of the posts here are talking about an isekai.

It's LN, not manga

Is it though?

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You're telling me it died? Good

LN Shadow was more of a dick than chuuni though, manga fixes the tone to be more lighter.

whats the chapter for this again?

it was an extra i think

We will get more chuuni when gender ideology gets more popular in Japan.


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