One piece

wtf does Oda even have planned for this character?
>was a former fleet admiral, and currently ranks above the fleet admiral
>absolutely jacked
>has only appeared a few times

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Nothing? This never occurred to you? Why did you think he was going to be important? Just because he got a name?

he'll show up in a flashback for a few panels

Yeah? You act like it's weird to exact the highest military leader in their world to be a big deal.

We're gonna see him die in the final arc where Revos,SH and BB pirates clash against Marines mark my words

It is in Oda's manga. All sorts of randos get names, even infoboxes, only to never appear again.

>absolutely jacked
implying that equates to absolutely anything in OP universe

Old Men in OP are always the strongest characters.

every character witt a thick neck in one piece is top tier

i am outside right now... I will write an explaination when i get back.

He will die like Izo

He was just introduced so Senghoku would have someone to resign to. That's it, really. I very much doubt Kong will ever have any importance at all.

Wrong, Old Men are always "I was so strong back in the day but age weakened me." Only exceptions are Kaidou and Big Mom, but they are both freaks of nature.

Fans expecting closure for every single insignificant character are going to be really disappointed with the final arc.

not even entirely, he was first introduced for Chapter 0 so Garp and Sengoku in their prime would have some kind of authority person to answer to. His appearance in the war-arc was merely a callback, because why invent a new one-off character when a fitting one already exists in the backlog

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Ah, I forgot the was in this. Makes sense. When did chapter 0 release again? Somewhere around Thriller Bark?

>wtf does Oda even have planned for this character?
Probably the final opponent in the Marines vs Revolutionaries!
>Doflamingo didn't do shit for 10 years after being introduced
>Jinbe was mentioned in passing before Arlong park

>kaido was mentioned 10 years before he appeared

Chill the fuck out, his time will come.

With a name like "Kong", he obviously has an important role in the story. Oda just wouldn't miss the opportunity. Kong will probably play a key role in defeating Imu.

I miss the Onigashima outfits already, Luffy should've at least kept his outfit.

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early war-arc, so not that long before Kong made his proper debut

I just want Luffy to finally get a captain's coat.

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