Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!!

Subs are out - only on Entame's website currently because they're doing this shit where they stagger the torrent release to deter people from watching on streaming websites, as if the people who do that will ever visit their website either way.

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To be fair they tried uploading the subs to a YouTube channel they made awhile back but it got taken down in under a week.
Guess this was Plan B


Yuamu's so fiendish.

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Look how happy they are to take advantage of this guy even though they didn't know he was an enemy yet.

Isn't it just because the subber doesn't want an episode with mistakes uploaded to streaming sites?

Well said bochi.

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Don't expect yugioh players to read.

>Please do not watch our subs on third party pirate sites OR download and repost versions that you find on those sites.
>Sites like 9Anime re-encode the entire episode, get rid of the typesetting I spend a lot of time and effort on, and slap their watermark on it despite doing none of the work and receiving revenue from your views.
>Please watch on Youtube. I always link to an unlisted video whenever I post. If you want to download the episode, do so from either my MEGA folder or the official torrent on Nyaa.
>This notice includes me asking you to not post clips or screenshots of an episode (a summon chant, a funny moment, etc) using these unofficial third party versions. If you need a tool to download from Youtube to make a meme or post whatever you found funny, please use this or literally anything else.
>Please and thank you.

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yeah but staggering releases on nyaa won't stop all that. it's only so viewers can catch mistakes in their subtitles.

I highly doubt the kind of people who watch on those websites remotely give a shit

it's something they care about, not necessarily anyone else.

anything for her aliens.

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I just think it's ironic when people doing stuff with IPs they don't own start complaining when other people use their stuff in ways they don't like

the grace.

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I guess nanaho did something with that old amusement park after all.

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Oh they changed this too.

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>Jersey bros are in it

Well they were a good chunk of this arc so they have to be.

Wait, everyone.
It is my turn to lose a battle (again)

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