Reincarnated as a Sword
As a LNchad I’m VERY excited for this adaptation, the trailer looks amazing.

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Do Fran and sword have romance in the series?

Nah not really

I'm just waiting for a compilation of her getting beaten up, (temporarily) amputated, etc.

The sword's voice is almost exactly how i imagined it.

will they animate bath scene since the gore looks like it's not censored?

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>Sura's voice
>those who sing the op of GATE
It has pedigree.

It will be censored up the ass, I have no hopes
No, the guy is a cuck
And cuck us often by protecting her from showing her goods

Im also a LNchad
On volume 7 currently

Teacher is just an overbearing father to his autistic cat loli

The first few pages are really repelling me, it reminds me of my horrible school days.

You mean the show with a tranny in it? No thanks.

You arent going to see it for like 3 seasons
Besides Elsa is funny

Sorry I have standards, hard pass.

>Sorry I have standards
then why the fuck are you in an isekai thread dumbass

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That is why I called him a cuck

Im glad they kept Amanda's massive tits
Looks like they combined her LN and Manga design too, which I was hoping for

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man I fucking hate modern OPs, no idea why. Screamy shit.
But it looks pretty decent, picked up

>anons somehow know there are problematic characters
shut up we been knew you are watching this as quilty pleasure trannies

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funny reaction haha
go back ifunnymemelordfaggot

I expect if there is any bath scene everyone gets censored this time, not just Fran.