One Piece

I present to you, the only three strawhats that actually matter

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Chopper matters

without robin you cant read ancient stuff and cant complete ruffy main quest

Eh get kozuki sukiyaki to do it


Sanji??? and Zoro??

Yeah Robin is probably the 2nd most important strawhat to the plot after Luffy. Also has the most kino backstory.

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I present to you - canon couple

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based take

best strawhats too

>Three strawhats
Only sees one wearing one. Meds now.

Whats his bounty again?
Oh thats right


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yes and I'm tired of pretending there not

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Why does oda hate sanji

Is this a opg meme? How the duck do you read 1000 chapter of this shit and come to this conclusion?

is this the thread ?

I am the thread

It’s a meme but also a opinion popularizerd by some after wci

Some brainlet YouTubers their fans and other brainlets believe that because sanji was not fighting in wci, destroyed his raid suit and asked for robins help he is punching bag and instead seeing a character arc

The epitomie of a good character is one shot power level man

Endgame :)

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What would you have thought if Yamato actually looked something like Kaido/a princess of ogres?

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Because Oda is based. S4nji a shit.

I would throw up


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I sleep

Goddamit bros, I miss WCI like you wouldn't believe...

Yeah, because her design is Nami with horns

for me its punk hazaard

they're saying blackbeard captured hancock to make her his wife

is this true

greetings from /jjk/

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What will be the reactions of the crew to Shanks? They don't know what he's like personally.

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I mocked WCI back then. Now it seems godly compared to the shitshow that is wano