One Piece

What was Oda thinking when he drew this?

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Unfunny gag.

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Not thinking about your soft westoid bitchass.

Film Red confirmed canon.

I still don't understand the controversy with this panel
Am I supposed to feel bad for Orochi and Kanjuro because they have a sob story? They're assholes who drove an entire nation to ruin and deserved everything coming to them.


Hancock? BLACKED.

Koby? L.

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i don't understand what the problem is.
Hiyori is not the same character as Luffy or Jimbe, she has no reason to be against discrimination. Wano was set up as the discrimination central forever. they are so racist, they are separate from the rest of the entire world.

I hate waku waku Luffy

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The story of these two hit me hard.

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Zoro? Made for Sanji's cock.

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Barbecue probably
Do they eat barbecue in japan?

yeah those two made my dick hard


>I like you Noland, you can stay here and fuck my daughter!

So did your mom to me

why can't post timeskip OP produce such soulful side characters that never overstay their welcome?

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>tribal motherfuckers isolated in a piece of land for centuries
>can somehow speak the same language as explorers from the Lvneel kingdom
I know that it woukd be a shitshow if each nation had its language but damn does it fuck with my imersion a lot.

>Fisher Tiger

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Uta? Cute
Film RED? Canon
LUta? Cute and Canon.

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I liked Pudding

huh weird, reminds me of wano

Uta? Dead

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LuNabros…we stood no chance…

Literally all forgettable
Just one of many waifubait "characters"

Almost every popular work of fiction ignores language barriers because that's just plain inconvenient

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I mean same for every nation, the idea that in a gigantic world with hundreds of countries and other islands and plus sky islands all happen to speak the same universal language is extremely imersion breaking.

>this is going to trigger so many redditors


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i found her forced melodramatic sob story more annoying that touching

Well at least it makes sense for them to speak Japanese. Wonder if it is where the universal language came from, it would wank it even more

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What killed the hype?

Non Canon and OOC
>Luffy x Uta
Canon and Cute

You don’t know what something being forced means

Her and Tiger's story was great
Tiger's death was probably made me cry more than any other moment in One Piece. It was just so tragic

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Film red is not canon at least timeline wise. Luffy is considered the 5th emperor after WCI but in film red is called the 5th emperor which makes no sense since Luffy is with the full crew in the film. Luffy only reunited with the full crew in Wano and after Wano he is considered a Yonko. How is Luffy with the crew in Red and considered the 5th emperor when the last time he was with the crew in the manga he is a Yonko? It makes no sense. Oda is just cashing in on the canon movie arc craze stated by kimetsu.

It took only three chapters to get me to love these two bros and their tragic story, yet I still never gave a fuck about what ever that samurai fuck he kept wanking

You could say that everything in One piece is melodramatic.


Forced is something fags in this board use to say something they dont like is bad without making an actual argument. see: Sanji's new backstory, Jimbei, Oden, etc.Yamato is actually bad and would have been forced if she joined

A. Haha name pun funny.
B. Actual set up for things going wrong in Wano later on.
C. Oda knows the implication but doesn't give a fuck due to feeling depressed about how the arc turned out despite all the thought he put into it.

>Literally all forgettable
Oh ok, so you're just a blind nostalgiafag, carry on

He already did this with Strong World

Your grandpa tried to overthrow the government, so you, your mom and dad, your uncle and aunt and his three kids, your 12 cousins and all their kids, and all their cousins are all hunted for execution, despite doing nothing. The good guys are doing exactly what the bad guys were doing, right down to propaganda demonizing the previous ruler and taunting his death. Yes, it feels good to mock the person that killed your family, that's why Orochi did it in the first place. His clan was nearly completely wiped out.

Let's put it another way. Nico Robin had an 80 million bounty put on her head by the world government as a child for being the lone survivor of a massacre. Should we have cheered if Spandam executed Robin? When the world government wanted to kill Ace just because his father was Gold Roger, were we supposed to be happy he got a magma fist punched through his chest? It's surely a grand thing that Norland's descendants were mocked forever. I sure hope the Celestials get their slaves back soon. Remember Doflamingo was right and Corazon was wrong.

You fucking idiot.

You sound biased for pre ts.