McDonald's date

McDonald's date...

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I desire to lick those freckles.

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Eating a cheap burger with a girl who likes me... Is this dream too unreasonable?

ANOTHER guppy thread? Alisa, stop being promiscuous and get in the

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don't do it

Fuck off generalfag, this is a burg thread

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If mcdonal's film is really true then it really is a horribly founded company. It is literally a company founded by illegal means.


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sad to inform you but she isnt actually a burger, she just larps as one

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there was an epic thread about 10-15 years ago on Any Forums about a sperg who took his date to mcdonalds because it was the only restaurant his mother would drive him to.
That shit was so sad it was stickied.

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That unironically sounds like something I would do. Sans the getting a date part.

Okay Arisa.
The weight gain program is turning out well. After you've gained 10 kg, we'll switch from one Big Mac daily to TWO Big Macs daily.

Underrated Waifu for sure

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Overpriced bunmgehrs 10€$ a piece.........

now this is something I have to see

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>in hospital right now
>no honbangers
I suffer