Can anime protags be summoned as servants if they were famous enough...

Can anime protags be summoned as servants if they were famous enough? For example could Tohsaka have summoned Naruto using perhaps a bowl of ramen as a catalyst? Given how powerful they can be, it's a surprise no one tried in at least in the modern era.

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I don't think Naruto would be famous enough (that said half of Fate's roster are literal whos). Maybe try Harry Potter.

>triggered when seeing Nardo x other characters
>find out there's also a lot of Sasuke ntr'ing him fics

It's more of a copyright issue. But within fantasy it is possible, after all many servants come from a fantasy story.

Naruto top tiers are way to strong to be servants so no.
Given they can blow up moons, planets, and stars/universes(novels).

Who cares about these little faggoty mcs fictional servants give us another Hercules

"Beholding the Self-born Lord of Creation (viz., Brahman), the gods urged him, saying, "Let, O god, the success of these two lions among men be equal. Let not the vast universe be destroyed in consequence of this encounter between Karna and Arjuna"

Would harry potter be the first servant that glows?

So? LB5 made it clear that if you have the fire power to blow up a planet, you're beyond anything the planet can do to you and it destroys the planet in all "timelines".
Just because Fate indian servants aren't as powerful as they are in actual myth, doesn't mean Naruto characters would be. Especially since planet level isn't that impressive by top tier standards.

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Aren't servants top powers sealed except for calamities? So he would be nerfed like everyone else if he got summoned.

goku is super famous and stronger than any servant, it's like gg.

Yes. Godzilla is an acceptable servant.


Well I have superman as my servant

My servant? Jiren.

I summon Mother Goose, the mother of all stories and thus queen of all servants

Saber Superman with a sword forged at the beginning of time

Even something like Jack the Ripper is mentioned to have very weak faith and is very hard to actually summon.

On top of that servants are also formed from records of the land/memories of the planet. The memories of the land and the fame/perception of the people is what the staging ground bonus that effects thing like Apocrypha Vlad, or the theoretical Cu in Ireland with two extra NPs comes from.