Dragon Ball Super

>Gohan's movie flopped
>his last chance at being the MC is over
Say something to FAILUREhan

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I respect the Japs

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Our Heroes...

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Toyo lost.

Based STRONGell.

>I have no interest in such things as having a compelling character arc


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What a Chad.

Best villain.

Well, yeah? Why would people pay money to go watch a videogame cutscene?

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I dunno about al that but Vegeta is undefeated against Goku.

He is so cool...

Run. Hide.

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It's over Toyobro. The movie was a success..

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My favorite character to watch get his ass beat is SHIThan.

My ancestor :)

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>Dragon Ball thread
>It's of course about MUH CHARACTER is better than YOUR CHARACTER bros.
Are you retards just incapable of having an actual discussion.

I miss him.

if cell would have won would he just be a hikikomori?

I hope the web series is a cute SoL following random characters from the other universes with only brief references to the main cast :)


*Shits his diaper*

*Sharts so hard it punctures the diaper*

*Diaper overflows with shit*

*Fills the entire room with shit*

>Toyo gets wrecked in the last thread
>anti-Gohan/anti-movie propaganda begins
Like clockwork.

K, b, c.

Ring me up when it can compare to One Piece's movie.

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So this is the power of Akira and Sasuke Toriyama, the prodigal father and son... Sugoi...

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Instigate discussion on your own accord, be the change you want to see.

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If Goku just rang him out and agreed to keep fighting for fun now that the Earth was no longer in danger, everything would've ended fine.


HILARIOUS!!! Can I post this on twitter?

I-It f-f-flopped....

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Goku: *Falls into a cesspit*

Goku: "I'm in heaven!"

Why did you reply to yourself, pig?

What do you want to discuss, fellow scholar?

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The web anime will be Freeza-centric.

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Guys, do not mention Twitter.
He will get mad.

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I’ll start, I think Beerus should have a fatter ass and wear a loincloth instead of baggy pants. Thoughts?

Let's discuss how the Gammas are traced Hits

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Think we can drive him insane?

>waku waku rice!

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Where would the series be without Toyotaro reviving it?

The only things that'll make sense is an adaptation either of the DBS manga, or Jaco the Galactic Patrolman. Anything else will be non-canon and completely out of left field.

SHit is a traced Cell just like Moro.


Bejita: "I have you now, Kakarot!"
*Fires gun at Goku*
*Small flag with the word 'Bang' comes out the barrel*
Bejita: "What the?"
*Looks down barrel and gun fires in his face*

Why is Piccolo purple? What happened to his ears and antennae?

>Gammas are traced Hits
>Cell Max is just a traced Semi-Perfect Cell scaled up
>Orange Piccolo is just a traced Lord Slug
>Gohan Beast is just a traced SS2 Teen Gohan
>The entire plot is just a trace of the Android Saga mixed with Gohan's DBS arc (recycled three times now btw)

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Funny and true.

In the pits of hell known as SDBH and shitty incoherent fanfic made out of corporate greed for money.

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Even better.
Let's discuss how Toriyama traced Cashman constantly.

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Same energy.
I actually have this alarm clock.

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Cooler's Cashman role in the Cashman manga prints the cash.

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What can I say? It's a great design. [raughs]

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Beerus: *Out walking his dog*

Broly: *Sees a bird and starts chasing after it, dragging Beerus along through the air*


You're just mad that Yamcha got a girlfriend before you, aren't you?

Fun fact, when the Cell games was announced in the manga. It came on Japanese news papers.

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