Quintessential Quintuplets

The best sister.

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Which one has the biggest tits?

Ichika gets me really hard.

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This OP knows

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>Ichika is too obviously the best girl
>Better turn her into a manipulative bitch for an arc just so the other girls look better
sad, really

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Ichika was a manipulative lying bitch for the entire 2 seasons. If you think otherwise that just means she got you too.

she was mogging the others too badly

Honestly Ichika didn’t need to become a villain. I think she was having enough issues with trying to pursue Futaro without becoming a sugar mommy. This could have ultimately lead to her bowing out gracefully on grounds she realizes she and Futaro are simply going to lead very different lives and a romance between them just wouldn’t work out in the long run. And she takes the role as a supportive friend like Itsuki but also she could give Itsuki a push to pursue Futaro herself.

But why can't she and Futaro end up together?

I'd forgive her wrongdoings. Would you?

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Of course, what sort of evil-hearted person wouldn't?

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She wants the fast paced life of being an actress. Traveling the world and everything. Futaro is clearly not the type for such a lifestyle. He’s much more grounded.

Eh, put a baby in her and she'll settle down.

She did nothing wrong. I'd still make her my girlfriend

But then that sacrifices Ichika’s whole plot to become an actress.

You can have a career and a kid, user.

For me? It's Nino.

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I think people forget about things like her taking advantage of Futaro's exhaustion to take creepy photos and blackmail him. Ichika was always depraved and evil.

nothing wrong with asserting dominance over inferior females to claim what is rightfully yours

But what about Futaro’s life? How do you create a scenario which both are happy with careers? And not some long distance case. Yknvv

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