What kind of different thoughts do you think Revy has about Rock?

What kind of different thoughts do you think Revy has about Rock?

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She dreams about him confessing his love to her and forcefully pulling her out of the life while she pretends to love being a piratenigger and weakfully resists even though he's actually just a sociopathic salaryman.


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>his penis smells nice

this coupled with intense self-loathing and regret over the fact that she took someone who was law-abiding and good and corrupted him

I don't think he's an outright sociopath, he's shown way too much concern for innocents and revulsion to pointless violence and abuse.
There's definitely SOMETHING that's a little wrong with him though.

He most likely keeps it very clean.

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Early Revy was hotter, tbqh.

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How many times are you going to keep making the same fucking thread?

I'm another guy, I just wanted to talk about Black Lagoon some, hopefully without retarded offtopic derails this time.

I'm too attached to her final design.

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>What kind of different thoughts do you think Revy has about Rock?
During the Nazi arc, she wanted to scare him away because he was from "the other side".
In Japan she wanted him to bring her to "the other side". It took Balalaika to remind Revy that she couldn't go back to "the other side".

Rock is turning into a lowkey mob boss, playing 8th dimensional chess with people's lives and he's got Revy, Eda, and Feng around him all the time.

I kinda suspect he's fucked Feng. There was a scene towards the beginning of her arc where she 100% propositioned him in the raws, and then later on in the french fingers arc he meets up with her and she's like "If you value your life, don't tell Revy what we did."

learn japanese, read raws. Translators cut out a lot of shit that's nuanced as fuck.

I like your observations. I kind of had the hunch that Rock and Feng has some kind of thing going, but it's interesting that this wasn't translated properly.
I honestly don't have the time or attention span these days to learn Japanese though. Maybe I can try some day, but it's not something I can do now, so I'll have to continue to rely on translations. I'm going to have Sawyer's spinoff translated at any rate.

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She looked more Asian

Still half-convinced they were already fucking by the time they got back from Tokyo.

I think it's somewhat likely, though given Rock's and Feng's interactions, I wonder. She's definitely jealous of that.

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Eh, a dedicated salaryman is already barely human. He was definitely predisposed toward the lifestyle.

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Eda asks her early on in the manga, I think around Greenback Jane maybe, and Revy denies it. She asks again after Tokyo and Revy avoids the question, refusing to answer and acting weird. She also gets jealous of Feng, everybody in Roanapur thinks of them as boyfriend/girlfriend (where one goes the other is always nearby, and each is the emergency contact for the other if something happens to one).

It’s highly likely. Not a sure thing, but likely.

That makes the thing with Feng more suspicious too.

I'll be kind of bummed if the mangaka goes all the way with the Rock/Feng thing. I wanted to see Revy become the bashful maiden she always wanted to be deep down.

I believe Revy has somewhat idealized Rock and thinks he is not a broken piece of shit. From her perspective he is probably the picture of normalcy, hypocrecy and all. I don`t think she gets how much of a piece of shit one has to be to do that "twilight" bullshit he speaks about.