Gundam Zeta

So what was the point of his character? Revenge is bad, war is bad?

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Even if you think you are the protagonist, you are probably not.

Don't be a flaming faggot for no reason and don't get obsessed with revenge or you'll end up undoing yourself

Don't go around saying that peoples names sounds like they belong to girls.

So what was the point of this character? To make my pee pee hard?

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The wanted to have a rival for Kamille like Amuro had Char but they failed completely, as they did with every other aspect of this season to be honest.

writers got retarded and replaced him with some purple haired freak with no real connection to Kamille whatsoever

Jerid is an entirely different character compared to Char. Even if both fills the role of "rival".

So what was the point of his character? For real. I love him but what the FUCK is his problem?

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space vampire

Reminder that zeta define manga > zeta anime

Legendary Super Saiyan
no really his entire motive was to prove he's the strongest

He honestly did nothing wrong Camillia should've just gotten over it.

I get sad when I remember his dream was to reform the Titans after all the shit he had seen.

Ultra simp with a femdom fetish.

I get sad when I remember these two never actually fucked.

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Fuck gravity

What did gravity ever do to your fat ass?

Char probably tapped that when she was 16 years old, but after that she was too old for him.

He's from jupiter

her problem was they never had sex, she
later dies a virgin

He was a deconstruction of the "Char Clone" archetype before it even became a staple of the franchise