Why was Star Twinkle Precure so creative and memorable?

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It was the last time Toei tried before deciding to give up with HG.

Which DP cure eats ass

Creepy Ran.

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Because they confused space with imagination space.

Are Ran and Amane going to have issues with each other again?

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The great trousers/shorts divide.

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Star Twinkle next gen when?

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No, their conflict with each other before was weak and shouldn't be repeated again. Amane should do more interactions with Kokone and Yui instead.

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wait wasn't this that one porn doujin

I wish he do a TR one

If there is one it wouldn't be the same kind of conflict.
>Amane should do more interactions with Kokone and Yui instead.
Why? They've already interacted a good bit between them.

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i miss laura

So those two shouldn't but Ran should, yeah ok...

anyone got a webm of this part?

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Where the FUCK is DP's swimsuit episode?

Yes. Ran's been lagging behind in character interactions lately.

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Kokone's too sexy for that, too many big friends would die from nosebleeds, prease understand

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We all do, my dear

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There's a big chance we don't get one this year unless Kokone flies them out to a private island.

You mean Yui in this case, she needs more interaction with other characters besides Takumi and more focused episodes.

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Yui interacts with everyone but I do agree that she needs some focus episodes. I'm thinking that they are going to involve Takumi and Kome more than the rest of the team though.

baby show, please understand


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