Anime that people have a much better version of in their heads and think that the actual show is like that.

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Everyone has a version of a show in their heads, objectively it's just a pattern of moving lights that is recognizable to a human brain.

Like Evangelion?

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meanwhile Victory is the inverse

i'm watching zeta right now and having a good time
there were things i preferred about MSG but zeta's better overall

Zeta is the opposite of that if anything, given how many of the critiques of it just boil down to not being able to recall a large portion of the scenes in the show.


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>but zeta's better overall
It's not. Worse villains, worse plot progression, characters are easily the most retarded in anime history, space autism power are out of control, the war drama is ridiculed, the whole thing has turned into a harem and the list goes on. The animation and the music are the only things that are better about Zeta.

Code Geass sucks.

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>make a zeta thread on /m/
>instantly pruned
Can anyone explain this phenomenon?

I have no idea. It's maybe my favorite anime and I don't get to shitpost about it enough.

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Let's see how long it lasts

so I'd like to ask
is watching Zeta and ZZ essential or can I just go right to Char's Counterattack after finishing 0079

You can legit go from 0079 to CCA without missing anything.

I mean if you cut the number of episodes down to the ones that actually matter, it's pretty solid.
Though then you might miss some instances of Bright Noa decking somebody for being a moron.

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Char’s motivations in CCA only really make sense if you’ve seen Zeta. It’s too much of jump without him being affected by what happened during Zeta.

Reminder that if the office lady manga doesn't end with Haman getting pregnant I will light myself on fire.

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Bruh, Char's motivations are he wants his mom.