But you have to post your most browsed board other than Any Forums

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>post your most browsed board other than Any Forums
None of them really that much. I sometimes post on /m/, albeit irregularly. I guess the most regular is /sp/ on weekends, because I still follow Formula 1 in hope for the rare exciting race every now and then. There are multiple boards I wish weren't cesspools of shitposters and tourists though, and I would probably go there more if they were not.


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Used to browse Any Forums alot but stopped watching seasonal shows for no real reason, now I browse Any Forums from time to time.

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/jp/ is my go-to touhou comfy hub board, used to frequent Any Forums but not anymore. sometimes browse /x/ for a good dose of weirdness.


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>now I browse Any Forums from time to time.
So why did you stop playing video games?


I might as well make others guess my most visited boards based on my grid, because I visit more than two boards regularly.

Though I will confess that one of the boards I use regularly is /d/.


You definitely seem like a /lit/ poster, although probably not a typical /lit/ poster who follows the hivemind there.
>There are multiple boards I wish weren't cesspools of shitposters and tourists though

Let’s be honest:
Most boards are shit for different reasons, yet we keep coming to this site anyway.

-Sam Flam

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>You definitely seem like a /lit/ poster, although probably not a typical /lit/ poster who follows the hivemind there.
I hate /lit/, I only lurk for the rare good rec that pops up from time to time

Your 3x3 reminds me of a namefag who used to post on these threads eons ago.

Historically my second most browsed board would be Any Forums or maybe Any Forums though I can’t bear the normalfag/pol infested hellholes they’ve become nowadays so I probably browse Any Forums; /lit/ or even /mlp/ more these days, Any Forums is still definitely my no.1 though and probably always will be despite its continual decline in quality
You browse Any Forums because you’re a faggot
Molester is way better than kurosawa
Any Forums is the Any Forums of media boards, stop ruining this site
/m/ is ok if too slow to be enjoyable, I only bother to visit /sp/ during olympics/world cup for the cross-national memes (it’s coming home this year, don’t you dare doubt it)
I’m a big book nerd but /lit/ is generally so empty that my expertise is waisted there, it needs to be moderated twice as hard as it is currently to be worth posting in even if that would shrink its user base even smaller than it already is. The whole “frog posting being immediately met with hostility” needs to be expanded to every board on this site beyond just Any Forums as soon as possible

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>it’s coming home this year
I can't imagine anything more depressing than supporting England in football.
I do appreciate your women's team winning their cup this year because it spared us Germans the usual media hype when the German women win that shit. Also it gave us Chloe Kelly showing off her bouncies.

>Chloe Kelly
She’s literally a goblin. Besides our teams being so shite will just make it all the more satisfying for when we eventually win, not like (memes aside) britain is even particularly unsuccessful (4th by olympic medals). Even if our economy sucks at the moment I’d still prefer this place to germany, your country is only out boringed by denmark

>She’s literally a goblin.
And goblins are naturally cute and sexy.

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>another quirky 3x3 thread

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I browse /lit/, Any Forums, /jp/, and Any Forums





-1 I am a hero

9/9 anime
5/5 manga
Good overall anime/manga characters
>Agent 47
It's Such a Beautiful Day is cringe, I guess mlp is acceptable since it's no longer 2010-2011? Based on Alice in Wonderland.
idk enough about albums to rate
6/6 video games
Laurence of Arabia is disappointing imo, and putting the entire Star Wars complete saga is cheating.
>puts all of Shakespears in his 3x3 literature
Come on now.
6/6 literature


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I would say my main boards after Any Forums are Any Forums, /tg/ and Any Forums in that order. I used to browse /f/ very actively but whatever replacement for flash they use now is just far too annoying.

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>Any Forums
Ah, the guro board!

None really, although I do end up lurking in /jp/ or Any Forums occasionally.




2/2 anime
1/2 manga


>captcha: 880YKK

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