Loved S1 but then once it got to Stardust Crusaders it just felt like it became a 'monster of the week' show...

Loved S1 but then once it got to Stardust Crusaders it just felt like it became a 'monster of the week' show. Does it get better again?

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Yeah, it gets good again in Part 4. Then bad again, then it gets controversial in 6. Then good again in 7.

That's just the formula the author decided to go for. I think part 7 is the closest you'll get to the first two parts.

It doesn't. And you'd be surprised at the sheer number of people who prefer that format over the old one. The main exception may be Steel Ball Run that kind of revives Araki's interest for narrating a long, cohesive tale, instead of a succession of short stories. SBR doesn't fix his sudden inability to make proper foreshadowing, but if you liked Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency, it's the one that'd be in your best interest to read.

Nope, it stays monster of the week shit. I loved parts 1 and 2 as well

Is it worth skipping to it or do you miss too much?

Part 1 and 2 were my favorite parts, too. I dont know why this fandom seem to prefer the other parts

stands autism.

Stands were just kind of lame to me. Feels more like Pokémon shit than anything else.

The rest of the series is monster of the week shit. Don't bother if you don't like it.

Part 7 is in an entirely different universe than 1-6

araki's strongest element by far is character design, stands are just another way to express that and its really reflected in how a lot of the stands do really dumb shit but look really cool, jojo has always been about the visual spectacle, as manga should be since its a visual medium

In Part 7, Stands usually never show their physical forms and are more like abilities if anything. Also the deuteragonist doesn't even have one; he uses Spin, something similar to Hamon

Stone Ocean is so fucking shitty that I'm convinced people only like it because of the ending and its ramifications.

I greatly enjoy hamon and vampires more than Stands. 1 and 2 will always hold a special place in me heart

I like Jolyne and Pucci personally but I haven't actually read it so

Sure, part 5 was the only one i didn't particularly care for. it is basically stand of the week until they get to the last third or so of the part

Apart from a few easter eggs and maybe a reference or two to the older timeline you're good.

I like to rank it above the Jojos I actually dislike such as 5 and the latter parts of Jojolion.It's not great, but I do really like Pucci and some individual events here and there

Good taste OP.
Part 5 is when Araki starts getting a hang of combining the episodic stand battles with main story progression but it doesn't go back to how Parts 1 and 2 were. Just try to enjoy them for what they are.

No. Part 2 was fantastic and the peak of JoJo, I've seen 3, 4 and 5 and I was just so bored. It's not that I don't appreciate the premise. I love the idea of a shonen where wits, intelligence, and tactics win over pure strength; and while the comedy is hit and miss, when it's funny it's hilarious. But I get extremely bored with the MotW setups. If a character doesn't advance the plot, I simply don't care about them. This was especially a problem in 5, where most of the time there was no plot. When Polpo died, it's no longer about the mafia but contrived excuses for roadtrip MoTW and Giorno loses all of his personality.