Art style regression

Name a bigger fall from grace. Baki looks like a testosterone overdosing dyke the hips don't help either.

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>ugly gets uglier
>nu/a/ only cares about baki because jewflix

anybody got the pic of the new sikorsky vs gaia gaiden? seems like tokyo revengers is finally continuing


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came here to say this

possibly the worst artwork in manga

also the gayest

You haven't read JJK, have you?

Son of Ogre was Itagaki's peak in every sense of the word

musashi dou artwork was based as well. fucking sumoshitters ruined everything

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holy kek those shoulders! nigger really built like a 10 year old on steroids

Jojo is the worst. Part 1-2 are a bit too "HnK clone", then Part 3-4 nail the signature and unique artsyle but it all goes down the toilet from 5 onwards. Part 8 in particular is just vile to look at.

Art has never looked better.

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131.5 thread needs to happen eventually.

I'm just gonna leave this here

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one piece is way more uglier and bad

Volume 14 was the peak of his art,
wtf happened after that?

>Baki looks like a testosterone overdosing dyke the hips don't help either.
That's because he is.
The man has been high on testosterone and endorphins ever since he jumped headfirst off a cliff to trigger his FoF 10 years ago.

the 90s ended

1992 is peak

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Writer is a big homo, so of course he put big, dick-sucking lips on characters.

While he could have done more in his youth for his health, this shit bums me out the most out of all these. Even if he wanted a normal life again its just not happening. It's not like they don't have shit tons of cash between his wife and himself. If there were more to be done about his condition it would have happened by now. Say what you want about hxh's art, etc. You gotta respect he's still trying to release stuff. Literally has to shit in the shower and just let it wash off because it's too painful to sit at toilet level. Fucking depressing.

Memesashi arc had great art for the most part
Sumo arc was where everyone bloatmaxed and looks odd

What condition does he have anyway exactly?

back hurts a bit

Complex eyes are annoying to draw.

I had that shit for a year(sciatica) due to sleeping too much/shit posture/too much sitting. And I ended up curing myself of it. Turns out all I had to do was take walks alot and fight through the pain.

Nowadays I'm super active and energetic.