Dragon Ball Super

I wanted to puke seeing the fanservice in this movie because Bulma's blob of an ass

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you might be gay bro

You would not have saved that image then, subhuman.

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I just don't want to see a 50 year old granny wiggling her disgusting ass in front of me

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I thought it was funny

Here's your (You), avatarfagging troll.

Deliberately saved this image

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Why are you so mad I don't like SLUTma? You called me a subhuman for not liking a few frames.

i SHAN'T continue into this thread. I will NOT masturbate to slutma. See you next thread

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Spin a humorous yarn. NOW.

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> garbage image
> IESLB waifushit
ENTER, /our heroes/.

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What a bunch of assholes.


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I'm just seeing through your bullshit.
You just want to farm cheap (You)s, and you wouldn't be attaching pictures of Cheelai mid-talk otherwise.

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Disgusting. Bulma is just at her absolute worst in this movie. Zero sex appeal.

Post Bejita's theme.

Nothing wrong with perferring man service to fan service. OP, if you want to be gay, you be gay.

You LOVE General Blue.

I-I thought our heroes always won...

Which one? He has like 10 different ones.

Why do we call these threads "Dragon ball Super" and not just "Dragon Ball"?

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I had to whip it out while watching that scene, some woman with a bunch of kids started complaining when I shot my load all over the place.

Because the threads are about Dragon Ball Super.


The closest Bulma has ever gotten to looking like a granny is GT, even then she looks 40 years old at most, she's aged better than anyone else on the fucking planet not counting the aliens, the gods or the Eternal Dragon.

Gohan should have stayed a highschooler longer. It was the best role he was in. But knowing Toriyama he would have gotten pissed off some fan mails him a letter saying Gohan is like Spiderman or something.

>c*l*r*d manga
>retarded tourist question
Of course.

Super is the current stage our threads are at, the same way I imagine that our predecessors from /*/ called their threads Dragon Ball Z.
We'll eventually upgrade the subject to Dragon Ball Hyper.

>forced nonexistent hatred toward the colored manga

What do you want?


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As expected of a bejitabro

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