Made in Abyss

What was this cunt’s problem?

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She has many. Did you not watch the show?

femcel narehate jesus

Maybe you should watch all the season, not just the last episode, fuckin retard

Too cute

they stole her apple sosu

she's Dirlewanger reincarnated

ep7 and 8 explains it.

Moth cunny

She has a cloaca. Not a cunny

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They didn't play nice with her mom sosu.

Why is the village protecting the residents from her?


technically her cunny's inside her cloaca

Irumyuui knows Faputa was a mistake.

Deep mental illness and a ferocious need for Reg cock

>do you have any games on your phone?

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Poorly written character that served as a second Nanachi

Literally being born.

it's not.
faputa entering the village is technically unbirthing.

did they ever explain why nanach turned in to a furry instread of a blob like mity?

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hahahaha, i stole your dubs, you fuckin' queer

wait so why did the Ganja squad become narehate again?

yes they did


ok so why can faputa not just blow a hole into the side of irumyuui and go inside?

every fucking thing about the narehate village arc is poorly written

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tu MAAdre

Mitty absorbed the curse and Nanachi received the blessing