Saint Seiya Sunday

Didn't expect them to have the balls to go as violent as the manga (which even the 80s anime censored)

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The hand to hand is better than the original anime.

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Jabu and friends get cucked out of their only relevance in the sanctuary arc by Athena's cosmo lol

Seiya born to be a hero
Jabu born to be a cuck

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They arrive in Sagittarius

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s2 undoubtedly takes place in another universe different from s1, but in more than 30 years aioria is still a coward shaka's mount.
no matter what reality he is in he has many more reasons to climb the stairs than seiya and he doesn't.

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The show has established that foot soldiers are no threat to Athena in her current state so they can't just recreate the original scene now. I wonder if they will send silvers (or maybe even some enemy bronze saints) for Jabu and friends to fight?

>no matter what reality he is in he has many more reasons to climb the stairs than seiya and he doesn't.
It's something, something honor

They've done a good job of covering plot holes, we will have to see the explanation next week why he doesn't go up the stairs.

S1 was the filler S2 forgot, and the show is way better for it.

>s2 undoubtedly takes place in another universe different from s1
>Shun's still a female
>They literally flashback to Black Saint Cassius this exact episode

S1 was aimed to burger kids but S2 seems aimed to oldfags, mainly Chinese

S2 IS aimed at oldfags, Toei cares so little about this they let the series director reply to spics all day long in social media. He's repeated it countless times that now they're targetting old fans because this didn't really take off with new audiences.

But is pointless when his Lightning Plasma does no damage whatsoever

I mean the bronze saints have always had plot armor that allows them to tank multiple special attacks that would be lethal to any non protagonist.

But at least in the OG you can feel something by watching them bleed or their clothes break. Here there's nothing. Even with blood Cassius death felt bland and useless

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To be fair, I don't see how a kid would get hooked to Saint Seiya by Knights of the Zodiac

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it is better, even so it is far from being the same as his successors demon slayer , bleach or jiu jitsu kaisen.

The lack of cloth destruction is my biggest pet peeve of the show. I would even be happy with a trickle of blood from the forehead when they're really hurt.

Bleach is literally saint seiya with swords.

Captains = gold saints
bankai = seventh sense

They didn't explain how Cassios reach the Leo house first than Shiryu and Shun. That's an old plothole. I remember the anime tried to give a justification when Marin and Shaina had a fight with Phaeton, an anime OC who worked as the Pope's Smither, and Shaina forced Phaeton to revealed Marin a secret path in the 12 houses.

Are you guys ready for Saga to punch himself through the chest?

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>They didn't explain how Cassios reach the Leo house first than Shiryu and Shun

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The cloths didn't break until the saints started to die. Seiya's cloth got scratches on the shoulders and the leg after the Leo battle, Milo made holes on Hyoga's cloth and Shaka desintegrate Ikki's cloth but the full destruction is left to the final houses

Looks like a weird doll.

Saints are really spartan samurais

Was Cassio a long lost descendent of the giants? Reminder that giants existed in the SSverse but got extinct

Camus made him a wormhole

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That's generally true, but Seiya's leg piece is supposed to crack here when his leg is broken.

If I remember cloth doesn't start showing damage only after Scorpion

What would they need to bring Jabu and the others anyway? Nobody is going to miss them

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