ITT: the most punchable anime characters

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what did kirino do wrong?

be annoying

OP's mom

never forget your roots

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>Eren blows off his chances with Misaka after he threw a temper tantrum
>Suddenly in the ending, now he wants to be with Misaka
>It's too late for that now that he's dead.
This indecisive little shit deserved to be cucked.

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She looked so much better in Season 1. Straight up insufferable after. Studios make a difference and A1 needs burnt down.

Math should have punched her back. Fucking cunt.

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stop your nonsense

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In the womb

Takagi also deserves to be here

5head is too cute to hate

Everyone in this fucking series

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You can't prove that

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look in the mirror

She did nothing wrong.

You don't punch girls you rape them

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