Bleach Catch up Storytime Volume 30 part 2


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An angel wearing an angel costume

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i was waiting to see if that trident was either gonna break her sword or take it

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Making Lilynette smile.

Op, I'm gonna let you finnish but I just want to say that Kaien's zanpakuto, power, fighting style and design are extremely underused and deserved more spotlight.

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>weakness is sun
>fighting in a sunny place
why didn't he fought her outside las noches

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Rubbing and kissing Hiyori's shoulders.

So now we basically know what the Espadas+Aizen's group play for games. Let's discuss what the Gotei 13 or Ichigo's group+Team Kisuke play

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Yamamoto mains phlog pyro in TF2

Noitra and Grimmjow would be fighting games autists. and Noitra would be the incel who goes on rants online becaue cannot accept that lost to Neliel, a woman, on KOF98/2k2 every time

He's Sakurai. Simple as.

Pesche’s Theme Song Is "MOTIONS” by Straightener
Dondochakka’s Theme Song Is "Centerfold" by J Geils Band

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He is gud boi and listened to orders to stay (almost) in palace.

Aizen is a dick for making Las nochas like this

byakuya plays rpgs and always go the lawful route