Gundam the Witch from Mercury Trailer 2

It looks so good

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oh shit i forgot to post the link

dumb hairstyle

Not a fan of mickey mouse?

>we want the franxx audience

Nothing about this even looks like FranXX the fuck are you talking about?

it had one?

at least until episode 15/16, or whenever DARLIN U MUH GAY started playing after the kissu

Most people dropped it way before that.

Maybe out of the entire population, but on Any Forums that's when the posting was peaking. Then it kinda started to meander for an episode or two, and then ALIENS out of nowhere and the whole thing shat the bed.

Typical post of someone who doesn't watch mecha but watched FranXX because it was popular.

Character designs are pretty nice.
So are most of the mobile suit designs (save for the Prologue enemy mobile suit that looks like a fairy, that one looks out of place with every other one in the series).

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Even my dumb sister realized that Franxx was a huge "HAVE CHILDREN AND REPRODUCE" propaganda disguised as an anime show.

I love Mercury

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Everyone looks really fat. Not a big fan of the artstyle.

We know, Miorine

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Miyu Tomita posted she talked to her manager everyday that she really wish to pass the audition.

everything was shorts

Looks like hot garbage but I will watch it since the opening is by Yoasobi

>cg haro