Please be okay...

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He is dead

He is gone user... He let go of the glaive...

>reading spoilers and shit-TLs

oh you mega retard

Chill, spacker, I didn't know SS had already released their version. I just read it and yeah, he's definitely toast.

user, the chapter is literally called "Life or Death" ...

Where the fuck were the archer bros? Slacking off again?

raping and plundering the Zhao countryside

He still has some morale reserves left r-right?

Bunch of shitters

like that means anything.

>break week

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Never even knew his name until now. RIP background filler-san.

Bro Denyuu was the guy that built shin's house and one of the most prominent early members

Denyuu was like a father to me


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He was featured a ton since the earliest chapters, dumb speedreader.

Good night, sweet prince.

He's going to kill every single early character, isn't he?

Such is the nature of war

Rei's boyfriend is next

No man Shin Ten and Sei all are happily alive somewhere in the mountains in China today

confirmed for happy ending with his family
confirmed for killed in action
confirmed for death from mercury and killing Hades