Be one of the best selling book series of all time

>Be one of the best selling book series of all time
>Hasn't had a single anime series and the last movie was decades ago
>Despite that, it's two films are pretty much viewed as god tier

What gives? Why haven't we got a series or new films for D?

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Probably author's ego.

Wut? Hellsing was the sequel

I didn't like the first movie. Disappointing animation and the story was flat out bad.
The super hand is a pretty lame idea. Second movie was great.

more would only devalue it. associating garbage with perfection is never good. you need to recognize that your desire for a constant stream of new things is a source of evil in the world.

Because D can't be replicated with the sort of shitty budget most anime studios are willing to throw into adaptations.

>Kawajiri’s second best work that is while decent is vastly infeior to the movie it rip its structure from
Fuck D. Give me more Ninja Scroll

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I'm surprised that Netflix or other western companies haven't funded a series for it, it'd be very easy to market to western audiences

I'm more surprised no streaming service picked up the rights for the 2 films

Need tomboy bounty-hunting GF

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post kino

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It got very popular on tiktok recently (replacing the music for that scene in Bloodlust where D grabs the arrow with some meme shit or whatever), so who knows.

you're flat out retarded.

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Bar is too high.
Whatever they made would be compared to Bloodlust and no matter what people would be dissapointed.

>dude what if we made Dune worms but as flying manta rays instead lmao

You sure called out my complaints of animation and story by posting the soundtrack that I didn't mention.
Master debater here.

>Dune anime would’ve been kino
>Lotr anime would’ve been kino
Shame authors were so reluctant to trust the industry back then. Now there’s no animation talent left in the world

Imagine what that would actually look like, realistically.

>best japanese fantasy references best western fantasy

>>Lotr anime
You mean Record Of Lodoss War?

game recognize game, son

Nah that’s shit is bland as fuck. I am talking an authentic adaptation

>Lodoss War
how dare you...

>What gives? Why haven't we got a series or new films for D?
Because Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust ist a masterpiece.
It's perfectly fine to leave it as is, because that kind of quality cannot be replicated easily.
You'd end up getting some CGI abomination.
What would you even want out of a new series that you couldn't get from the movie?
Its ok to not have things constantly remade, rebooted and ruined.

I liked the books, till I got to the 7th.... why is every girl 17?

It's a shame Kawajiri is old and (probably close to) dying nowadays, he's a legendary director

prequel technically, Vampire hunter D is post apocalyptic.

There's the topcraft hobbit movie.

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>Why haven't we got a series or new films for D?
Announced but it appears to be in development hell.

Doris Lang was hot

to be fair, I liked this one so much more than Peter Jackson's Hobbit. it was short, had songs and got to the point.

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It's for the best.
Try to remember any of the reboots and remakes in recent times. Is there any one that was great or even amazing?
They'd have a hard time matching bloodlust, so anything new they'd bring to the table has a high chance of being mediocre in comparison simply by not being bloodlust.
Vampire Hunter D already got the best possible movie adaptation and unless they assemble a near perfect team they couldn't repeat that.