I just read this and I didn't think it was very good

I just read this and I didn't think it was very good.
What do (you) think of Fire Punch, user?
Is Chainsaw Guy better?

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It has its moments but it's over overly self-indulgent and needlessly edgy, it's also rather poorly planned out, with plenty of pointless characters, disappointing payoffs, poor worlbuilding. It also overstays its welcome by like 30 chapters.

My favourite of fujimotos works, best art in any of his works and the story is consistently great the whole way through and nails it's themes

It's funny that you thought it was too long, I thought it could have gone on for a while longer if it bothered to expound on plot points instead of handwaving them or dealing with them immediately.
The first time it introduced a plot point that would typically only be solved late in the story only to tackle it shortly thereafter I thought, "wow, that's bold, I wonder where the story will go now", the third time it did it, I felt like the author didn't have anything concrete to offer.

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finished it today as well. chainsaw man is much better. not as serious, but just as insane.
personally love his one shots though, check them out

I say FIRE PUNCH, you say KINO!

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This is probably the most pathetic attempt at criticism I have read. You're just spouting a bunch of buzzwords that doesn't fit the context of the manga.

Literally just boils down to you wanting it to be a generic revenge plot with a structure to it that didn't make you have to think too hard.

100% agree with all of this. I really liked the subject matter and the meta narrative, but it was an experiment that had a lot of flaws.

NTA, what exactly is it about Fire Punch that makes people feel it's deep? The deepest the series got was right around Doma's death, but killing him off prevented anything from really coming of that plot point/philosophical notion.

I have never made such claims, but when the criticism effectively boils down to "it wasn't generic enough" hidden in forms of various unrelated buzzwords there's little reason to give any thought into the critcism.

You said "wanting to be a generic revenge plot ... with a structure that didn't make you have to think too hard", that suggests you think the subject matter is somehow deeper than what you've described.

it has high highs and low lows.
story could have been trimmed down a bit for more tighter narrative.
felt like fujimoto wasted the potential that sun's character had

It's good, especially the last 30 chapters people complain about

No, that's just you drawing weird conclusions. I'm just saying it's not the generic revenge plot OP clearly sought after. Doesn't mean what it actually is, is supposed to be "deep".

Yeah I thought Sun was thoroughly underutilized, both near the beginning (most stories would have saved the firewood reveal and Sun's subsequent rescue for a climax, instead his rescue isn't even directly seen) and at the end, where his motives and beliefs are reintroduced and consequently dealt with almost immediately.
Saying someone wanted something that didn't require much thought suggests you feel the end product does require thought.

For me Fire Punch > Chainsaw Man

Why not? A generic revenge story can be well written. The entirety of his argument however is that he wants to storytelling to be structured in a more generic and more easily digestible way, it's just whining over it not being the way you want it to be. That's not equivalent with poor writing.

Generic is not necessarily a bad word.

I've stalled on it 3-4 times, at this point I've essentially dropped it. I enjoyed CSM so I gave it a try.

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