Unexpected/casual deaths

Unexpected/casual deaths

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Name of the series?


Boku no Kimetsu

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I personally don't like sad stories or stories where main characters die, so I wouldn't know. I don't read those.

I remember when I was reading this for the first time. I kek'd hard.

Would you describe yourself as a bitch? Do you have bitch tits?

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>bratty, nihilistic, entitled girl
>has a character arc where she's living her last days on earth before becoming a human sacrifice
>at the last moment she's given a choice to live
>she accepts
>gets shot in the head at that same moment
I know it was supposed to be sad, but it felt like dark comedy for some reason

JJK usually feels like that

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Boki no biku

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>faggotsu gaysen

Her tits were the only good thing of that god awful anime

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piko noni omare

honk honk

Same here. Life is sad enough already.


The line between dark comedy and sadness is often thin. It probably depends on how much you care about the characters involved