What was the message?

What was the message?

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Get out
Find a wife
Have seggs/kids
Die in peace

Anarcho-primitivism is the best way to live.

anno would shit on every single one of our faces, personally, if he could

the panna cotta was the message

>Yes Mari is just my wife's insert character. Please get a job and stop bothering me about anime.

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Stop posting on Any Forums is the message

get a job and have sex

Don’t reboot series because they’ll always be much worse

Grow up.

Life is meaningless
Jerk off on your hot friends if they’re in the hospital
Utada Hikaru can turn a turd into a masterpiece

>Jerk off on your friends


Stop eating shit. Go watch real media from good directors.

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Weebs will pay for literal Nippon fecal matter

Gee user, it's a goddamn mystery

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An annoying girl will fall from the sky to save you


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"I need more money" - Anno, Hideaki

Even after a world-shattering revelation, having sex is the most important life achievement. If you do not have sex, you are a miserable failure and should commit suicide.

>You should stop being loner that likes japanimation and go outside, get a gf and a job.
>What do you mean my wife was an evangelion fujoshi, i'm socially akward,have no friends, and that I keep milking otakus while spitting on their faces ?

Im no longer an emotionally handicapped manic depressive so you shouldnt be either!

Have sex, get a job.