Galko-chan is now your teacher. Please be kind to her and treat her well.

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cunnybros can't publish anymore

Which is a shame

Got it bad
Got it bad
Got it bad
I'm hot for teacher


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big fat gyaru tats

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>Tiddy manga
>Creator is a pedo

nothing better

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Gyaru wife happy life.

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Chubby gals are super interesting

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I thought the nerd was cuter.

Galko's afterschool lessons


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keigi really needs to hop on the galko train again

Galko-sensei we've ran out of plastic babies for home ec but I'm willing to volunteer to be the demonstration baby for you

Galko and Nikuko in sumo loincloths when

I wonder if Nikuko ever does wrestling. With her hidden muscle and speed she'd probably be pretty good at it.

Then again there's not really girl's sumo in Japan, is there?

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What's her original hair color? What should I do first? Read the manga or watch the anime?
Have she been in any games? Doujin recommendations?

just watch the anime desu for le boob jiggles but the manga is just fine
as for doujins the only one i like is 137673

anime episodes are pretty short, like 7 minutes each I think, with one full-length OVA

What are her official measurements?
Also don't post more lewds I don't want to cum today, thanks.

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it's kind of a thing

*raise hand*
>how are you such a whore?

7 Minutes! I think I can watch that its good and bad at the same time. I couldn't find the name of the ova what is it called?
Do I enter those digits in sad panda or somewhere else? Its been a while since I read one.

Thought comment was just another 4C lie then saw the wiki turns out user was telling the true, I apologized. He made it, Why risk it all?

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that's just the nhentai number but for sad panda just search galko and shota tags

Try looking up Oshiete! Galko-chan: Natsuyasumitte Hontou Desu ka? for the OVA