Earthchild 27 (END)

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Oh thank fuck, we're finally free after this chapter.

Good lord his beard...

Also WasTE continues to plague the world.

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It’s finally over. I’m crying tears of joy…

Thank Allah

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26 chapters too late.

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>Day of Destiny hasn't arrived
His battle is just getting started...

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>no more best dad
shounen jump is going down hill

"""It""" watches him jerk off.

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>Day of Destiny hasn't arrived
Coming up next in WSJ: Earthchild II

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>First Derpherp Derpaherp
>Now this
Who's getting the axe next week?

Goddamn they talk up a storm

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You will never have an age progressed retarded wife whisper NTETETETETE into your ear.

It's really funny that these two didn't age despite Bond Appraiser and Main Character showing signs of growth. I know the meme about asian aging is a thing but come on

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>And a happy ending! I’m blessed that I was able to complete another wonderful series. Volume 3 will be released in October in Japan. See you next time.
Not in Jump!

The audacity to say this is complete too.

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How this escaped U19 i'll never know


>It's really funny that these two didn't age
Neither did Mamoru

Jump simply doesn't have anything lined up at all to quickly replace this garbage. Show how dire their current situation

No he totally did! He shot up higher than his mother in one moment and then suddenly shrunk down. It's growing AND shrinking.

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>Not in Jump!
RUMAO, his next chance is his last chance on Jump since soul catchers finished it's run naturally on Jump SQ

I’m more mad that he calls it wonderful.

Thank you OP for your service.
May the next series you dump be better.

Holy shit it's actually happening

>Jump SQ
Jump Next and then Jump+. Also this is an over the hill artist who shows no signs of growth and is actually degrading. He's going to be competing with younger artists with real talent all the time and he's going to get pushed out that way. He's not getting another serial in this magazine and if he gets lucky they'll fill up space with a one shot. His career is probably going to linger at this low level forever.

This can't be happening

Mamoru on the right has an extremely punchable face.

Kind of based NGL

Good riddance.

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>And only yours!
Uhh, Mamorubros?

God I can’t even begin to imagine what would happen if this trashfire didn’t get axed and he got to truly “complete” this shit