Shadows House

So, are they gonna fuse?
How can Emilico survive that?

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They will instantly fuse when emilyko sleepwalks into kate's bed with intent to cuddle.

Kate will make Emilico an adult by impregnating her with a soot cock.

No. Kate will fuse with me. On bed. Emilyco can watch.

Fucking Kate while Emilico acts as her face lying next to you.

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I want to protect Emilyko's smile.

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Then you get her some Special Coffee.

Considering Kate's true nature I wonder, what Box of Completion would actually do with them.

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I doubt it would do anything, because Kate isn't really connected to Emilico as the other true shadows are to their hosts.

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Ahaha imagine shadow fairy delicately sipping on benor

Is that even necessary? We know shit how Box actually works.

"Here, Nee-san is going to teach you how to love"

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no. kate already is fused, she got shadow-raped in the wild as a baby

The whole point is overthrowing the fusion dictatorship, though.

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If that's really case, then why she can't turn her own face on? Makes more sense that she fully turned into shadow, so further fusion probably still be possible.

They still likely have to get between adults somehow.

"shadows house" is her home. Her mother got a shadow up her snatch, and it fused with her as a baby. Kate was "born" a """shadow""", she does have a face already. Why would she show it? She's undercover to reclaim her home.

, she wasn't always undercover. And there was no sign of her being able to show her face even before.

so uh who was the corpse at the end of last episode

>she does have a face already. Why would she show it?
Please read slower, user, this isn't good for you. She hasn't been able to bring out her skin since she first became sooty.

Two unnamed characters were invited to the adult wing prior to Rosemary. That's one of them.

I'm 100% sure they will later reveal that when the process works, the human only goes dormant and there will vbe a way to separate them, alao I believe they will fuse but manage to stay both in control.

Also the failed fusions happens because the human host died midway.