RWBY: Ice Queedom

Blake vs Weiss

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I still can't believe that rwby is anime now

Yang being the voice of reason is crazy to me.

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How is this going? I watched the first three episodes and the completely forgot about it...

>That animation
Ah that's hot

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basicially this show has no reason to exist past the first 3 episodes. The entire thing is just a filler arc taking place entirely inside the dream of weiss.
They could have actually remade the original show but I guess rooster teeth was anal about that

>the only good animation this episode
Where the fuck did the sakugas go after the first three episodes?

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Ruby sisters, one for blood related and the other for married

What they really needed to do was end this season with their defeat, implying that all the next 8 seasons take place in the nightmare and are nothing more than a filler arc.

Please wait until they're done in bluray

>Blake vs Weiss
>Ruby vs Nightmare Grimm
>Yang vs Big Nicholas
>Jaune vs Jacques Knight
All of this in the next episode. Will SHAFT deliver?

How much will they fix?

Ew, lesbians

I think user said Next year on January

Blake is actually a good character in this anime. The producers did the unimaginable

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>I never actually said something racist tho

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So, this will happen in their future if they didn't meet Ruby and Yang.

Is the show interesting yet?

Despite the cheap animation, there were some decent looking shots.

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