I still miss him, bros

I still miss him, bros.

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Penguins are retards that should hang themselves.

>grape kun is now free from mortal realm worries and finally be one with his one true waifu
i envy him

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Animals don't have souls.

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Remember why this happened. He lost his mate. I can’t remember if she died or dumped him. Either way, the incel penguin dis what so many incels have done before him. He indulged in a fantasy relationship.

Well, I have come to the conclusion that they do have a soul, although not in the same way that we humans do. I know this because I have had animals since I was little, and something special about them is that when you give them love, they feel it and return the same affection. It's not usual, but it depends on your connection with them.

She joined him to heaven and she is loyal to the penguin.


He lives now in Penguin Heaven and sometimes Harambe and George Floyd visit him from Gorilla Heaven.

neither do people

Grape-kun is the only animal with a soul.

What compels one to do such a thing?


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Sleep tight, sweet prince.

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If he can appreciate the superiority of anime girls he has a soul


Holy shit, an actual real emotive human on Any Forums. Maybe this website isn't a total wasteland of autistic shitposters like I agree, user. I have had 3 cats and 2 dogs in my life so far and every single one of them were more of a person, with a more complex personality, than at least 50% of humans I've met in my life.