Think we'll ever see Marulk and Ozen again...

Think we'll ever see Marulk and Ozen again? Would be nice to see what they're up to other than uselessly bumming about in Seeker Camp.

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Try again.

I think it serves as a nice contrast to the MCs.
Ozen, despite all her might and experience, won't venture beyond the point of no return.
If he showed up now all all out of the sudden, you would have to ask yourself what was keeping them away previously. Or what changed that they would be OK with having to live in the Abyss forever.

I am positive Ozen will come around again and Marulk would logically tag along.

How would sex with Vueko be?

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Yeah while I am sure Ozen will show up again In some capacity (we get periodic glimpses of surface life and all) Marulk is the reason she wouldn’t want to go on her last dive yet, I think it’s possible Lyza was a similar reason before, when she runs out of kids to need to mentor maybe then.

I don't necessarily want them to show up on l6, just see them doing some delving on their own. Maybe something related to the stuff that happened in the recent flashback chapter.

> idk how you'd feel about his deformed flesh irl.

Ultimately trying to picture anime characters accurately translated into real life before admitting to your desire to glare with affection and longing at them is an exercise in futility. It’s hard to picture as Belaf’s thing is not a direct analogue to any real life scarring given it’s from torture with some freaky plant sap that only exists in their world; I picture something like a hyperpigmented old burn scar. But with his beautiful eyes and caring heart and sweet voice, who could care anyway.

Also as to the first part of your post, he didn’t really become evil, i think Irumyuui sort of provided him an unsolicited moral lobotomy so he wouldn’t feel guilt any more. Definitely not what he thought he was signing up for.

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Like throwing a sausage in a car tunnel.

kek OP you put Made in Abyss as your name and not the thread title
People won’t be able to find this in the catalog, we’ll probably end up with two threads

Like said, I think it's virtually guaranteed that we will see some scenes checking up on them. Whether they will have their own adventure, I don't know. Maybe a single self-contained episode about them finding an artifact, but not more.

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I know, I fucked up. First time posting a thread. Ah well, secret Marulk & Ozen cult, ASSEMBLE!

I think it’s more likely that when we see them again it’ll be in the context of whatever goes down on on the surface as the 2000yr cycle comes to a head rather than a self contained unrelated escapade (that could happen as OVA fodder admittedly, but in the main narrative I see them showing up whenever we see the surface and higher levels have to deal with what will go down all through the island during the final arc.)

Do the sixth layer characters have canon heights or a height chart like the one for the earlier characters? I need to know if Vueko and Belaf are actually cute little munchkin people or not. They seem short.

Smelly and further icky when you know you're indirectly touching cocks with many ugly dudes.

>many ugly dudes
Juroimoh is one guy. Vueko went directly from him to being Ganja’s bicycle so I don’t think she had occasion to get further ugly bastards under her belt.

Cold. You'd have to dig her up too.

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Probably not.

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Maybe Riko is just an ultra munchkin. Isn’t she like 110cm? All the adults will tower over her, even that pharmacist-onee-chan whose name I forgot would at about five feet. Vueko looks like she might be around that.

I'd assume that she's around 160, she's around two heads taller than Riko.

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>it’s from torture with some freaky plant sap that only exists in their world
Is it stated somewhere or it's assumption?

Wait I forgot Lyza was canonically taller than Torka. based reverse height difference couple

I think she’s a little smaller than that? If z Vueko is aroind Belchero height like you’re saying and Belaf is a little taller then Wazukyan starts to seem improbably tall given he’s noticeably bigger than both of them, but doesn’t seem like a huge guy compared to like that one dude they have with Habolg’s approximate physique

>The tip hurts when touched