Today I had my first animation class. After explaining some basic concepts, before ending the class...

Today I had my first animation class. After explaining some basic concepts, before ending the class, the teacher told us to start looking into French and Japanese animators and learning those languages if we could.

The thing is, while I like and admire French animation and comics, I don't care much for anime, or Japanese animation outside well known animes like DBZ or Naruto. Is he right trying to make us look into Japanese animation despite being in a Western country? I just want to make cartoons, not anime.

Is there a way to make myself like anime (and manga)?

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Cartoons are disgusting. And nobody actually draws in the west its all cgi

What western cartoons do you like? Anime has an enormous range of styles and content and likely some very similar to what you like.

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Watch Boku no Pico. Then be sure to follow it up with the sequel, Pico to Chico. And once you're that far, you know you can't leave out the absolute masterwork that is Pico x Chico X Coco.

Nice try, retard.

>not wanting to watch some of the greatest masterworks of Nip animation
Your loss, fagboy.

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>Is he right trying to make us look into Japanese animation despite being in a Western country?
The western animation industry could actually learn a thing or two from anime considering the awful state it has been in for over a decade. Same applies to the comic industry.

>learn a thing or two
Like working themselves to death and how to make the cheapest animation possible?

worked for anime the past 30+ years
they must be doing something right
Has the western industry, which "cares about its animators and creators", released something worthwhile in the past decade?

Neither of them care for their creators, it just manifests in different ways.

The anime industry is on the verge of bursting like a bubble, animators keep fucking off to China and Korea because they can’t survive on the wages. Aspects of the production pipeline and the innovative nature of things being made often which aren’t just rehashes of old IPs are things the west could pick up from them, yes, but in the next few years anime is going to crash into some kind of concrete walls as a critical threshold of old talent retiring and new workers not coming in hits because all of the profits from it are going to to execs while animates starve.

Meanwhile the west needs to innovate and have more of its ideas coming from creators but also needing to be somewhat proven IPs (some kind of analogue to manga adaptations, but the comic industry isn’t equipped to provide this because it’s got vanishingly few new and self contained IPs.)

Should check out the Big O then took a lot of influences from western cartoons

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Just watch some highly regarded movies like redline and ghibli and stay away from the TV series trash

>how to make the cheapest animation possible?
Uh yes?
>Noooo I'd rather keep making subpar crap with overinflated budgets
The budget of one episode of a western cartoon can probably make like half a court of anime and it still looks like ugly trash

Today is sunday.

In terms of some modern cartoons there have been several that are simply adaptations of their creators' older or abandoned works and quite a few of them saw mainstream success. And cartoons have increasingly tried to put more anime influence in their IPs (last decade alone there'd been more anime influence in not just shout outs but in some plot structure and action).

oof op busted

Modern western cartoons all look like dogshit at least on the art direction / character design department. I used to want to work on cartoons in america but I realized how fugly and limiting they can be so instead I came to Japan to study animation and shit here.

Yes and cheap tv anime still is better then western tv cartoons or Disney movies with overinflated budget, thats how sad it is

Studying different animations styles makes you a better animator.

This is 101 stuff for pretty much any craft.

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Shitposting aside, I can't really imagine someone interested in animation not being engaged by naruto. The team behind it, the animations they delivered and the production itself are fascinating stories for anyone interested in the industry.

Boku no Pico is unironically, to this day, one of the best animated hentai out there.

Try FLCL, user. It's only 6 episodes and is a cult classic.

And well, naturally its well animated.

>Is there a way to make myself like anime (and manga)?
Not if you already don't.
Though I don't see why you can't just stick to the french and call it a day.

If you want to know about anime, just search "sakuga". I don't like sakugafags but they'll probably lead you in what names to look for.

Watch ghibli , Satoshi Kon stuff and vampire hunter d movies, in general just check out well known directors

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>one of the best animated hentai out there.
If we're talking about artistry in hentai, Another Lady Innocent is the one to go for without a doubt.

Oh fuck yes, Urushihara character designs are always god-tier.

in the 1% chance OP is not gay, you should study early Disney as much as possible. That's the origin of it all. All other animators derive from that. Other than that, find a style you like, imitate it, find out what inspired it, until your own style comes out. Hanna-Barbera, Chuck Jones, John K and ralph bakshi are worth studying too.