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Hope your day's going well. Let's make it a little better. New chappie in 30. Only one dump thread left before anime hell.

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Good morning

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can't wait.
hope Dr Gerard gets his comeupance.

he belongs to the goulag.

Lin announced volume 10 will be on sale on October 4. This chapter is likely the final one for this volume.

so it's going to be an humorous extra chapter with little tie to the plot ?

Good chance the next update is either a break or an extra then

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No, it has to be a continuation of the last chapter. Last chapter was chapter 67 part 1. No extra today or Lin would’ve announced so.

Reminder that Loid and Yor won't survive the end of the series since they don't deserve to live a life of peace and happiness, with all the lives they've taken throughout the years.

Dumpanon here, will dump chapter here as soon as possible

>It's not a Damian chapter

Get back to work, Axeman.

He's coming

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I hope Frankiebros are ready for the rope now that FionaxYuri is only 10 minutes away from becoming canon!

I personally think that Frankie is going to find a woman but it will be something we all didn't expect
Yuri and Fiona are just perfect for one another

Will Yor defend her husband's honor from the SSS yet again this upcoming chapter? I sure hope so.

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Franky is Axeman’s self-insert. Franky is for Fiona. Fiona and Yuri will get their moments but it likely won’t be romantic. But hey, anything can happen.

Bond is cute.

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I would buy one if it had the Chicago Cubs on it

Inside Fiona

Franky is too good for Fiona.
But Franky is also a vain man who only go after 10/10 women regardless of their personnality and the fact he is an ugly and poor manlet with nasty hair.
so in a way he deserves the sufferings Fiona could inflict to him because of her twisted perqsonnality because he's too delusional.
But yeah I also prefer the concept of YurixFiona.

>while Yuri screams Yor's name and Fiona screams Loid's name
I don't even know who is NTR'ing who anymore

I want to molest Damian

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We know, Melinda.

It's only part two of the chapter, I think the only big thing we'll find out is who's arresting who.
I just hope it's finally his time.

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You think the volume will end on a cliffhanger? Have they done that before?



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>it's not yuri


That was the biggest letdown ever

>a fake out

Loidsisters is it really over?

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Yurifags BTFO



it's-a ok mario i'm sure next chapter will be more your speed-a

Axeman and Lin are reading this thread and laughing at us
Those fucking bastards

Yoru-chan kawaii

fucked over again...

At this rate I have to give in to the anons that said Franky is the worst character.

Director is such an asshole...

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I hate this smarmy bitch Gerard so fucking much.

Yo, fuck this dude.

Absolute garbage chapter

Endo trolled all.

I FUCKING KNEW IT LMAO. Franky will get Fiona because he's Axeman's self-insert.

Go fuck yourself, Axeman

>Its fucking nothing incoming

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>not Yuri
See? I was right

you guys are stupid to have thought we'd get serious plot development in a continuation of a clear gag storyline. this chapter was funny as fuck and that's all i wanted

>labeled secret file
Did Twilight have a secret 4D chess move planted in his office just in case this sort of thing happened?



what a boring chapter

Frankie×Fiona confirmed
We won Frankiechads, we won...

>Best Westalis spy
Well world is doomed i guess

Garbage chapter, see you in two weeks.

reading comprehensionbro...

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