Scary Matsumoto

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season 2 when?

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my harem of wifes who i have the duty to impregnate.

Those bastards covering up Mya-nee! The whole world needs to bear witness to her peak femininity! Get those damn kusogaki out of the way right this second!!!

We're getting a movie. It's more than we could have hoped for.

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>not by doga kubo
no point

turn Miyako's into a shrine

I really don't know what we can expect from the movie. But it is animated by Doga Kobo.

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Yu is my favorite character ever that has like 3 lines.

They went for Aka's 2nd shit instead of making more.

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They tend to only ever do one season


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What? o_O

Doga Kobo is adapting Akasaka Aka's 2nd manga, Oshi no Ko.

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I don't know how it works, but I guess Doga Kobo is expensive. There are 2nd seasons by Doga Kobo, but even Yuru Yuri used another studio for S3.

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Never ever my friend. WE have to cherish what we got.

>wanting another minami-ke s2

Has anyone ever edited the gif into the Haganai scene with Kobato watching TV?

To be fair, S3 was relatively good again.

S4 was also pretty good.
An s2 probably wouldn't be as bad as OPM2 though.