Ragna Crimson 56.5

It's a date between Chad Thundercock and Artemisia.

Also, author posted some lore:
Two different MTL in text and pic:

Anime studio confirmed as Silver Link:

Previous discussions and dumps here:
desuarchive.org/a/search/subject/Ragna Crimson/

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I guess it's time to catch up on this when I finish jojo. How crazy is the powerscaling

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>Silver Link
It's gonna be shit huh...

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Light speed.

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Because of Silver Aura. Get it?

This just makes their death even better. It can't be just me right? God I love lizard genocide

Based, death to the lizard people

Is it strange that I want to tenderly love young Artemisia and make a few dozen kids with her, but want to hatefuck the life out of older Artemisia?

Infinite clones but with hyper speed aging and short lifespans, huh. Sun cult sure has some crazy tech.

Reminder dragons did nothing wrong.

A living dragon is a wrong dragon

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You just want to fuck, isn’t it