Why is the new version ten times worse than the old version?

Why is the new version ten times worse than the old version?

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U troons still use this?

I used to use the old version, but the new design is so shit it made me switch to downloading.

I only use it to rip chapters so it doesn't matter to me, I don't read anything online. The majority of scanlators upload there and the image quality isn't fucked so it serves my needs.

>get hacked
>spend months remaking site
>now has less features and a much worse UI
Why didn't they just clone the original UI and functionality? Could it be that the MD devs are retarded?

No comment section and ungly mobile UI

Why would you read the comments

Why didn't Any Forums create a suitable alternative when they had the time, opportunity, and motivation?


Because pages updates to provide a more bloated and, of course, worse service. It has always been like this.

because threads suggesting it kept getting deleted as they bounced between >GO TO Any Forums THIS IS NOT ANIMU & MANGOES while Satania said >GO TO Any Forums THIS IS NOT A TECHNOLOGIES THREAD

Because the only project Any Forums has ever managed to get off the ground is nyaa and considering the awful job we do of managing it, I would hate to see how we would handle a manga reader. Reddit unironically did a better job with guya.moe.

I only use it for weekly Iruma now. I now use mangasee/manga4life to browse manga and release groups to read.

Mangadex devs are tranny pieces of shit that have been saying soon™ soon™ soon™ soon™ soon™ for a year and a half while stroking their nipples. They also refuse to admit mobile design on desktop is shit.

Has there been a single good website redesign in the past decade? I can't think of a single one.

Pixiv comes to mind

never happened

webshitters seem to be shifting to web components and frameworks that produce compiled code, rather than shipping a runtime to the browser, so we may see the trend of bloated slow websites reverse within this decade

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Many such cases.


jannies allied with dextrannies to sabotage it

Web designed peaked at somewhere around 2010s). Sites up till late 90s-2000s were either too barebones or too over the top like with dumb flashing gifs. Early 00s to 2010s are simple but functional. Then smart phone became the norm so the shift was to make sites for reading on tiny ass screens and it's all downhill.

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Still crying because there are no comment section so you can posy your epic reddit tier memes?