How do you get normalfags into anime?

How do you get normalfags into anime?

You don't want to throw them the best of the best straight away because you want to give them some time to adjust to Japanese and animation in general so as not to ruin their experience.
Also if you come at them straight with stuff like Ghibli, Jin-Roh ..ect they may come to assume that high quality animation is the norm and thus they will not appreciate it.

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I don’t.

I don't get them interested in the medium.

I don't brag about watching it either, because who cares.

If we are talking about cartoons, I might mention anime. If somebody asks me a question or wants to hear some kind of recommendation, I might help.

But it's not like I try to convince as much people as it's possible to watching anime. I'm too lazy for that and I don't care that much.

Introduce them to twitter meme groups. Make them trade funny pictures about anime girls they don't know teamed up with the current hot meme such as "need tomboy" or "need goth vampire gf". The greatest mistake you can do is to try to make them watch a show. That'll just scare them away from the idea and they might see something that they may perceive as weird.

Madoka is the kind of anime you want to break normalfags. Their preconception against the cutesy style clashes with the challenging writing.

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We need less normalfags and more gatekeeping

You don't.

Are we still pretending Jin-Roh is good?

Don't normalfags already watch whatever anime is popular these days? It's available on the streaming platforms they use and discussion/memes/art/etc. is prevalent on social media as well. If they have a genuine interest, they'll branch out from there to other series and genres, hopefully downloading instead of streaming what's available to them.

Force them watch Dragon Ball if they have never watched it, and if they watched Z then force them to watch Super.

>they'll branch out from there to other series and genres
The longest jump they'll take is from One Piece to Jujutsu Kaisen.

How are moeshitters born then?

They were never normalfags to begin with.

>How do you get normalfags into anime?
Why would you want to.
The answer is films by the way.

People need to stumble upon things organically. I've seen this thread countless time but the bottom line is you're not going to turn someone you know into a massive anime weeb if they don't care about the medium. I know people who like certain animated shows, but that doesn't mean they are super hardcore anime fans who rigorously follow the genre. Most people who aren't into anime also have the obnoxious "cartoons are for kids" mentality and if you try to "convert" them, 9 times out of 10 they are just going to watch whatever you recommend but not really enjoy it the way you would cause they are just watching it to appease you. Plus with the era we live in where everything is about "muh diversity" I wouldn't want to introduce more people to anime cause then you get more people wondering "well why is race/orientation x not in this show? Is Japan Racist/Homophobic?" which is another headache to explain to people. Just enjoy anime for what it is and stop thinking about getting everyone you know into it.

Do you want more people into anime so your favorite stuff sells better?

>Is Japan Racist/Homophobic?" which is another headache to explain to people.
Just say "yes."

Just show them the really good stuff (movies, not TV shows) and tell them that most anime is shit, so lower your expectations.

Also, imo, anime seems pretty mainstream now, so it doesn't seem too hard to get into it.

Why do you even want people to get into anime? You have nothing else to talk about with others?

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>How do you get normalfags into anime?
Don't force your hobby, or anything really, onto people who couldn't care less. You're just wasting your energy.